CAZT: The Verdict Is In…

In case you missed it, my post: Lights, Camera, Pay! https://bethsheala.wordpress.com/2010/01/18/lights-camera-pay/ yielded a response from one of the owners of CAZT, a nice guy named Moses.  To challenge my critical opinion of the “pay-to-watch your-audition” business, he offered me  a free 30-day trial of CAZT.   So yesterday I held my breath and logged into CAZT.com where I  watched my audition tapes for ten different projects dating back to 5/24/08.  I cringed at first, of course, but for the most part… I was quite pleased with my performances.  My main thought was “OK, so why didn’t I get that job?”  That could (and I hoped would) have been explained by the feedback casting directors can leave on CAZT.  Most of the projects had two or three takes posted, but out of the 10 projects, only 3 casting directors left comments.  And for me, they weren’t very helpful:  Jeremy G. (CASTING DIRECTOR) Great audition. You already made good choices and then took my notes very well. Good motherly moment, too. Nice to meet you.    Tige C. (CASTING DIRECTOR) Beth- good read, calback. Compared to the other actors who auditioned for this part, on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best), we thought you rated: Preparation:4 Looks the part:4 Professionalism:4 Acting ability:4 Taking directions:4 Thanks so much for coming in!  Malaku M. (CASTING DIRECTOR) Beth gave great emotion, she displayed true original expression.  Director enjoyed her! I wanted to hear “You didn’t get the part because _________.”  Then they can thank me for coming in.  That would be helpful and educational!  For example, if I go out for 3 jobs for mothers and I consistently get “We didn’t think your look fit the role,” that is helpful.  That’s something I can either try to change, talk with my agents about or just stop submitting myself for the kind of role.  CAZT also offers the option to “share” your audition videos with other actors who went out for the same part.  If you share your tapes, you can watch the videos of others who have shared theirs ( I’ll show you mine if you show me yours).  In my opinion this is only helpful if we can see the tape of the person who got the job.  That would produce the  “Oh, that’s what they were looking for!”  moment, which would be helpful and educational. Now, all of this said, Beth Shea has been in the game longer than she cares to disclose.  Today I know how I look on camera and I’m pretty confident in my audition skills.  But when I first started auditioning, I remember leaving the office thinking “I have no idea what just happened.”  I literally had no idea whether I was amazing or abysmal.  Granted I was probably mostly just a jittery mess who spouted out the lines.  BUT, if I could have watched those tapes on CAZT, that might have been very well worth $9.99/month or $59.00/year.  So, if you feel like you just don’t get what’s happening “in the room,” and you find yourself at CAZT now and then, it might well be worth joining.  I probably could have learned a great deal from this service as a less-experienced auditioner. I should also mention that I didn’t book any of the jobs I went out for at CAZT.  I had even come to think of that place as “the place where I do badly.”  Nice to know I’m doing great… and not booking?  Hmm, better call Amy Lyndon.


1 Response to “CAZT: The Verdict Is In…”

  1. January 17, 2011 at 11:56 am

    Hey Beth,

    Please accept this (very!) belated “Thanks” for your balanced review of CAZT. We’re constantly working to improve the service and expect this to be a great year for us and (most importantly) our members. Meanwhile, best wishes to you for 2011!

    Kind regards,


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