Puppy Love

Most have agreed for years that pets make us happier.  So, I don’t know if I have an extraordinary pet (yes, I do know actually), but I know for sure, that no matter the day I’m having, my golden retriever Bailey, always puts a smile on my face and gets me to start talking in high-pitched cartoon-ish tones about how very handsome and wonderful he is. I smile at just the fleeting thought of him.  Maybe it’s because he just doesn’t do anything wrong and seems to always do everything perfectly.  Or maybe that doesn’t matter.  Regardless, I know for a tangible fact, that my life is happier because Bailey is in it and will be significantly less happy when Bailey is no longer with me.   Although, among experts, there seems to be much more uncertainty with regards to children.  Clearly you can’t compare the responsibility of a dog versus the responsibility of a child or children.  The stresses of parenthood are enormous and unending.  I want to have a child (insert series of gasps here).  Two, in fact.  Took me a long time to realize this, mostly because I keep asking myself, why?  The human race is at no risk of extinction.  And while I want two kids, there are a million things that come with that which I don’t want…stretch marks, diapers, paying for child care, etc.  And several studies have come out over the past few years concluding that couples without children tend to be happier.  I’m stressed just thinking about it!  Well, if in fact I never have those two kids, I guess I’ll have to settle for golden retrievers.  Far less fury, far more fur 🙂


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