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Puppy Love

Most have agreed for years that pets make us happier.  So, I don’t know if I have an extraordinary pet (yes, I do know actually), but I know for sure, that no matter the day I’m having, my golden retriever Bailey, always puts a smile on my face and gets me to start talking in high-pitched cartoon-ish tones about how very handsome and wonderful he is. I smile at just the fleeting thought of him.  Maybe it’s because he just doesn’t do anything wrong and seems to always do everything perfectly.  Or maybe that doesn’t matter.  Regardless, I know for a tangible fact, that my life is happier because Bailey is in it and will be significantly less happy when Bailey is no longer with me.   Although, among experts, there seems to be much more uncertainty with regards to children.  Clearly you can’t compare the responsibility of a dog versus the responsibility of a child or children.  The stresses of parenthood are enormous and unending.  I want to have a child (insert series of gasps here).  Two, in fact.  Took me a long time to realize this, mostly because I keep asking myself, why?  The human race is at no risk of extinction.  And while I want two kids, there are a million things that come with that which I don’t want…stretch marks, diapers, paying for child care, etc.  And several studies have come out over the past few years concluding that couples without children tend to be happier.  I’m stressed just thinking about it!  Well, if in fact I never have those two kids, I guess I’ll have to settle for golden retrievers.  Far less fury, far more fur 🙂


Opinions and Bargains!

Two things to love: Market Research Groups and Ross.  Who would have ever thought you could get paid a dollar a minute for 90 minutes to give your opinion on what you like in a dog treat?  OK, it got old pretty quickly and got REALLY in-depth, to the point where I started thinking, “Is this really happening?  Is that guy really asking me how the different textures of the dog biscuits affect my opinion of its quality and health value, and why?”   Well, it was really happening, but STILL!  Talk about your easy money.  Shockingly I think I was the only actor in the room and DEFINITELY had the least sophisticated take on what a healthy dog biscuit should be.  Apparently many small dog owners lean heavily towards “crazy cat lady” syndrome.    Oh, I love me some Ross,  ladies and gentlemen.  Yep, hit or miss for sure, but when you hit… you can really hit.  Today I scored.  Four dresses, a sweater, 2 pairs of shoes and a dog toy for a hundred bucks and some change.  Not too damn bad!


The Michael Prick Project

The judge who sentenced Balloon Boy’s brilliant father, ordered that the Heenes could not profit directly from their crime during their four years of probation.  I’m guessing the judge who sentenced Michael Vick couldn’t possibly have imagined how the savage barbarian could have profited from his atrocious, inhumane, disgusting acts.  If only he would have imagined that BET would in fact, sink that low.   The nicest thing Michael Vick could have done for the world when he was released from prison is crawl under a rock, die and rot there.  How the Human Society could possibly allow their name be anywhere near his, just astounds me.  He’s sorry for what he did?  Bitch, please.  He’s sorry he got caught.  He’s sorry he lost all his endorsements and had to declare bankruptcy.    He claims that he’s doing the BET show to be a positive example to kids who see him as a person who is trying to redeem himself.  Back in August of 2009, Vick warned his young fans, “Use me as an example to use better judgment and make better decisions. I want to apologize to all the kids out there for my immature acts. I need to grow up.” I’m so sorry.  Did he just call drowning, hanging and electrocuting dogs “immature acts?”  Immature acts are pulling a girl’s hair and making fart noises with your arms.   You know, some people just don’t deserve a second chance and Michael Vick brings humanity to an all-new low.   And BET?  There are no words.  I can only hope that “The Michael Vick Project” is the lowest BET or any other network will ever think to sink.


Beth Thanks

As I took a break today from incessantly voting for “Cheesehead” to dominate the “icon challenge” and win… something… (and by the way, I recommend you vote as often as your clicking finger will allow, for “Cheesehead” of course), I took some time to reflect upon what is most important in my life.  I am so profoundly grateful for Bailey, my Golden Retriever, (but then again, who wouldn’t be?) for the wonderful people who surround me, for chocolate and wine (but not necessarily together) and for the kick ass job I have that doesn’t start up again until February!  No reason to hate Monday, is bliss.    You see, when I’m not breaking giant blocks of cheese over people’s heads, I teach English as a Second language to adults.  It’s fun, rewarding, and I rarely bitch about my job…  which is good, because that would interfere with all of my other rigid bitching schedules.  It also allows me the time to audition for TV, film and other riveting cheese-slinging roles, which I, in fact, love.  People used to ask me when I was going to quit and get a “real job.”  Luckily I actually have both, but the truth is, I never did and never do, intend to quit acting.  Retirement?  How lame!  If I’m the 80-yr. old woman dancing in a  Depends or Jitterbug commercial, I’ll be happy (as long as it’s SAG).  There is great peace and happiness in knowing what you love and doing it.  So… YAYYY!!!!!  Go vote for CHESEHEAD And thanks everyone for your unwavering support and enthusiasm!

The Beth Shea

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