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Short Film Making… Money?

I’ve been a comedy short film maker for four years now.  I have REALLY enjoyed it! Not in My Family was the first, followed by the Korean drama acted by white people, Love Royale then there was the tumultuous production of what was supposed to be a pilot presentation, Represent, Part 1 and Represent, Part 2 which due to a long painful list of problems, turned into a 2-part web-series.  Still pretty funny though!  And most, recently a gem of a daytime soap opera parody, The Bold and The Fuel Efficient, currently still in post-production.  My production company Hall of Shea Productions has operated under what you might generously label, a micro-budget. Leigh Hall and I have managed to bring our funny to film, even winning the Audience Award for Love Royale at the Faux Film Festival in 2009, with the help of great friends, actors, Henry Saine, and very little cash.  So it’s been lots of fun, some good exposure, great demo reel material, but… is there more?  Could there be money?? A friend and filmmaker recently shared with me that his short films are in fact raking in more cash than compliments these days.  How? Some video host websites pay royalties per view.  The catch?  The viewer has to watch a commercial before the short film.  But that doesn’t seem to be stopping the viewers at from clicking away. has paid out million of dollars in royalties through their revenue sharing program by contributing Atom content everywhere — on the Web, mobile phones, iPods, Xboxes, etc.  Does it really pay?  Stay tuned!


Yay, it’s Monday!!!!

Well, there are lots of reasons to be happy today!  I’m working on an awesome new screenplay with my fabulous writing partner Leigh Hall, I had an audition today, it’s not raining… oh and DAMAGES is back tonight!!!  YAAAYYYY!!!  What a long wait!  Clearly Glen Close will not disappoint, although I’m a bit apprehensive about adding Lily Tomlin to the cast… we shall see!  Oh, and since IMDB is not quite up to speed yet, I’d like to take a moment to thank my friends at Wikipedia who helped me win a bet with Phil Han.  The guy who played “The Banker” on the “The Office” last week (crappy episode) is David Costabile who played Detective Rick Messer on “Damages.”

Read it and weep Phil.  You owe me 30 tacos.

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